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May 17, 2000
the government knows what you're doing

It seems that every time I write an entry, I'm apologizing for not having written in so long. So I won't do that. As I said in a recent guestbook entry, I've been thinking about a) redesigning the site and b) making dosage more story-oriented. I would add a new story each week, and it would have its own picture and be entertaining and funny, hopefully.

The question is whether to keep a journal section. People seem to like journals. I just don't know how well I would keep up with it.

Well, in Beth news, I am still jobless and internshipless. I never did apply to do an In Pgh internship, mainly because I wasn't so sure it would help me get to where I want to be. It wouldn't pay me, yet I would be spending a lot of time there. And the time, from what I've gathered, would be spent mostly working on listings for weekly events. It took Steve about three or four months to get to where he is now. I won't be here that long. Something like this would have been something good to do a few semesters ago. Alas. So I'm trying to write more and get more work out on the web. We'll see how that works out.

However, a part-time job would still be welcome during the summer months.

Yesterday I applied to be a postal worker. Or, I tested to be one - a "data conversion operator." These people look at computer screens that show images of messily or incorrectly written addresses and fix it so they can arrive safely at their destination.

I had sent my resume out in February. A few days later, I received a card and was instructed to fill out some personal info. They asked me what kind of car I drived, what my goals were, the top five foods I consumed regularly, and all that sort of thing. Actually, they just wanted my social security number to see that I wasn't a criminal.

So weeks passed and I thought that they didn't want me because I had folded the card (which could have been a no-no, who knows with the government) and had taped a typed label to the envelope. It looked like a crazy person had done it, so I thought maybe they had thought I was crazy. But silly me, lots of crazy people work at the post office. Last week, I got the card back again with instructions on when to show for the test.

So I went yesterday to take the baby SAT-type test that measured my clerical abilities. Before the test, the guy said that results would be mailed to us in 4-6 weeks. I almost left, as it's possible I won't even be in town in 6 weeks. I just wanted to love 'em and leave 'em there at the post office. But the government is smarter than that. They knew.

File under DAILY. Posted at 12:00 AM

May 10, 2000
quotation nation

Today I got blisters on my feet from wearing chucks with no socks. Last year I had the so-called "Japanese sneakers," which were quite comfortable to wear sans socks. Now those are gone. Other new sneakers are too large and unfeminine to wear with skirts, which is the primary circumstance in which I wear sneakers without socks.

In addition to the blisters, I got a pink t-shirt from TJ Maxx and two pairs of sunglasses. One of the pairs is super-crazy and makes me look like a bug creature. They're big. I like big sunglasses. I wish I had a digital camera so I could take a pic of me in these. I feel like a movie star wearing big sunglasses. I wish I felt like a movie star more often. Maybe someday I will stop wearing jeans and t-shirts all the time and will step up to some more glammed-out garb. "But jeans and t-shirts are so comfortable!" she whined.

I think I'm going to make my own little company. It will be my "side project." I will buy another domain (can't really afford this, but will work it out somehow) and showcase my work. Then customers will flock to me.

Also, I sold (for $0) an idea for a story to a site other than the sites I currently write for, so I'm "branching out."

q: What do the previous four paragraphs have in common?

a: "phrases in quotes"

Yeah, it's time for bed.

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May 05, 2000
pee pain, red ants

I'm heading out to visit Greg soon. We're going to go to the drive-in tonight and to Knoebel's tomorrow. Knoebel's is an old amusement park. My grandmother, who grew up around where Greg lives, used to go there when she was young. Pretty cool.

Tiny red ants have started to invade my room. I hope that when I get back after this weekend I don't walk into a big red room.

It's extremely beautiful outside. I hope my drive is nice. I hope I don't get lost. I hope I don't have to pee really bad when I'm not near a place with restrooms. That happened to me last week. My brother kept making fun of me about it, too, which didn't make it any better. But I learned that by inflicting pain on another part of my body, I made the pee pain go away. I balanced all my weight on my left foot - basically lifting myself off the car seat - and then the pee pain was canceled out. I swear.

File under DIARYLAND. Posted at 11:00 AM