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May 30, 2002

It's 6:31 a.m. I just woke up from a dream about being on Jay Leno. Jay and I were having a good conversation, I thought, but no one was laughing. So I felt like a failure. I thought maybe no one laughed because we were speaking sort of quietly about Jay's personal life. I can't remember details. I often can't remember details (not just of dreams, but of news stories I hear and read — it's sort of frustrating, embarrassing and frightening).

Maybe I'll go back to bed and turn on NPR. I donated to my local public radio station yesterday because there's a pledge drive and I felt guilty last time for not donating to something I listen to everyday. (That's #10 on this list, by the way.) But even yesterday I was cheap and opted for the student discount price of $20 rather than the normal $40 donation. Sometimes I am a student. Mostly I'm being stingy (which always looks like it should be said "sting-y") because I just purchased a new computer and don't want to spend money for the next couple of months. There is also insanely high auto insurance to pay. My Discover card is sore from use, but my Cashback Bonus Award is pretty attractive.

Deepest apologies for the second uninteresting post in a row. This weekend I'm going to a rally race. We're staying in a cheap motel ($42.50 a night, beat that) with a double bed and watching cars drive fast through the woods. It will be somewhat of an adventure, as we have never been to this sort of event before. I love Pennyslvania, you know. Anyway, I will take pictures and mental notes, and if either are any good, I'll share. This site doesn't have enough pictures. But I've added "redesign web site" to my long list of summer projects. dorkist 2.0 will have a photos section, I think.

File under DAILY. Posted at 12:00 AM