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May 17, 2001
[i will not write...]

I will not write about television anymore for at least a couple of weeks.

I bought a moviestar summer dress today. Despite being bloated in the fitting room, I could envision the potential of the bright red dress paired with famous sunglasses, similar to those worn by your friend and mine, BB Bunny. Now all I need is a 1953 Corvette. A white one. Or a black one.

Living in a fantasy world is fun until you realize its futility. Meaning: would anyone appreciate me driving by in a white 1953 Corvette, donning a red dress, huge sunglasses and white scarf around neck? Would they appreciate it fully? And if they did, what would be their reward? Life is lonely.

I never have humorous exchanges like this one. If I did, I would share them. I am itching to post something specific here for your entertainment, but it is related to a sale my company is trying to make, and I really don't want to damage anyone's current or future involvement with the people we are trying to work with. Yikes. I almost, almost gave in to the temptation to delight you with this very scary picture. But I didn't. This may mean that I'm maturing. Or that I'm paranoid.

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May 16, 2001
[lately, when i have...]

Lately, when I have been watching TV, I have wanted to open new browser windows so I can flip among many channels at once. But TV doesn't have browser windows. Maybe it should. Maybe it will, eventually. But the act of watching television differs significantly from interaction with a computer, so the merge and transition may not be easy. The main departure I'm thinking of right now is that of physical distance from the information being displayed and physical comfort level as result of that distance.

In other words, watching television is more comfortable than and therefore often favorable to playing on the computer, because you get to sit on the couch.

You are able to sit on the couch and use a laptop, but you have to hold the laptop. Probably. I mean, I don't have a laptop, so I don't have anecdotal evidence. But I would think that the laptop has to sit on you in most scenarios. It is called a laptop. In any case, it is still less stressful to be 6-12 feet from the screen than 2-3. And as for using a keyboard, well, that just isn't as convenient as the one-handed remote control deal.

I read part of that David Foster Wallace novel, the big one that earned him much attention, and I remember it having a TV/computer combo thing. I think. So the future holds promise, since that book is obviously prophetic. And I know that Web TV and similar concepts exist. But that's different from what I'm talking about. I don't know how the supercool TV/computer hybrid will happen without sacrifice of comfort on some level. Mabye someone else will.

(Signed, Worldly Literature Girl Who Has Very Original and Well Thought-Out Ideas)

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May 14, 2001
[of all the dumb...]

Of all the dumb reality shows to fall for. The only TV show I'm watching with any sort of regularity right now is VH1's Bands on the Run. The show is occasionally sloppy, most of the bands have at least one extremely annoying member, and I feel lame while I watch it. But I think Flickerstick should win, because they are the most talented and also the most rock and roll. Though the chick band comes in a close second in the rock and roll category. But the chick band is a little too limited in their appeal.

My brother is in Germany right now, and he's not keeping up with his journal. Get with it, Chris! I hope he's at least keeping a handwritten journal.

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May 08, 2001
[today all the employees...]
  1. Today all the employees in my company learned that we are taking a 6% pay cut until finances improve. This is much better than laying anyone off, I think.

  2. My hair is closest to its natural color than it has been in almost 6 years. Part of me wants to let it become what it once was. The more vain part wants me to put some color back into it. It's almost like my hair is the master of a movie, and its frames have faded with age and must be restored. Okay, it's not like that at all.

  3. The Volvo sounds less and less like it wants to live each time I turn the key. It sounds horrible, frankly. I thought it sounded horrible before, but I was wrong. This new, loud, popping and sputtering and struggling sound is horrible. When I dropped my mom off at the mechanic last week to pick up her newly repaired car, the mechanic said to me, a glint in his eye, "Sounds good." The day before, when we dropped her car off, he stood in the doorway to his shop, a beer in his hand, and asked, "You're still driving that?"

  4. I am sunburned after a crazy weekend adventure. It's a long story, involving Route 322 and a dead Pontiac Fiero and a river town and a puppy and Hardees. And the brightest, friendliest, meanest star we know: the sun. I hate sunburn.

  5. I am looking for a 16 mm film camera. When I looked for some on Ebay last year, they were easy to come by. But back then I was a poor college student. Now I am gainfully employed. And now there are none on Ebay. If you have one, and it works, I am interested. Please write.

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