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October 21, 2003
i am helping you

I want to write something new, because I know people come back and look for new things, and I feel bad. All I want to do is help you waste some time at work. Do unto others is what I live by. If you have a web site (I think I'm going to try to Germanize and start writing website as one word, even though my brain wants it to be two), I expect the same from you (ahem, you know who you are).

So the North By Northwest trip happened last week, and it was pretty rockin'. I am going to make a web picture gallery some time soon. Overnight trains are a great experience, I must say, even if I slept for about one hour. If only the American railroad system weren't so expensive.

Jumping topics again, I recommend Skype for calling people who are far away. It's a free internet phone service. The sound quality is amazing — better than the telephone — but the software is unable to handle people speaking at the same time. There are pauses and slight delays, but no disconnections. Still, I get to talk to Chris and plan future WOVO endeavors. Expect a new release early next year.

And! I'm going to Toronto this week to visit a young man who's studying medievalism. We're going to sing some karaoke and jump on the glass floor in the CN Tower and do some other touristy stuff.

Post that, life will become crazy for a little while, but holidays are coming, and to be in New York during the holidays should be heady and fun.

File under DAILY. Posted at 12:00 AM