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August 24, 2000
[what's to tell?]

What's to tell? Today I visited, a site I had interviewed to be an intern for on an unseasonably warm day back in February. The experience really put me off. However, the site seems to be doing well, despite whatever underpaid environment its producers inhabit. I enjoyed the pro-uniforms article, though it boasted some of the teen girl idealogy of superficiality that needs to be quelled.

I also visited another site for another job I interviewed for earlier this year. It looks just as ugly now as when I first criticized it, because hey, they haven't changed anything. Sorry, no link, it got me in trouble last time.

Tomorrow is Friday, and it will be another weekend away from home. I'm glad I live where I do, because it's in the middle of a quaint place with occasional community activities, a bunch of antique stores, and some yummy new restaurants. But I still haven't gotten to walk around yet, because weekends are never free. And they won't be for awhile. My company is planning to send me to California for a couple weeks next month. I don't know how to feel about it yet, but I think I'll bring a lot of books with me.

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August 23, 2000
[today i went to villanova...]

Today I went to Villanova to register for a class. It's on Alfred Hitchcock, and it's free, because my dad teaches there. And, in fact, Dad is going to take it with me. He's one of those people who are really vocal in classes; sometimes he'll ask questions that aren't quite related, because he wants to get deeper into the topic than the course really allows. If he weren't my dad, I'd be sitting in my chair thinking, "Shut up, no one cares about this, shut up now so we can go home, please." But he is my dad. And now I'm afraid that I'll be like this, too. Especially in a Hitchcock class.

So class starts next week. Today was Freshman moving day at VU. My brother moves into his dorm at Pitt this Friday. I'm jealous of these collegians. I feel silly about it, but I really wish now that I were still in school.

Or doing it all over again at a new school. It's kind of typical, I think, to want to relive a stage of your life once you're wiser, and once you know you can't go back. I remember wanting to do grade school over again, and I probably wanted to do high school again at some point, as well. Now I'm yearning for college. But what do I miss about it?

As with everything, I'm romanticizing. I miss the lack of responsibility, I suppose, and the free time. If I did college over again, I could be more active and not be afraid of people so much. If I did it over again, though, I think I would go to a different school. Why am I even thinking about this? I can't do it over.

There's always grad school, though. That's definitely in the future plans. What to study? Graphic design? Writing? I think it would be cool to have a big stack of degrees. Not necessarily meaningful, but cool. Degrees are (ostensibly) proof of knowledge, and having many would make me seem interesting.

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August 10, 2000
[steve said in one...]

Steve said in one of his emails today that I've been "very productive" since I've left Pittsburgh. I guess it's true; I've gotten a job and an apartment and an assortment of new things in the last two months. But I don't feel like I've been very productive. I just feel like I have no time to think about anything. There's always something on the list. And most of the time it involves me paying someone.

One of the things about getting older is that it seems like free weekends don't exist anymore. There's always a wedding to go to or a trip to take. Or a guest to welcome. It's not that I mind these things, just that it's strange not to have free time.

In high school, I used to work 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at SuperFresh on Saturdays and some Sundays. I used to like working early, because then I felt like I had the whole day left. But most of the rest of those days were spent lying in bed. If I wasn't sleeping, I was listening to college radio, daydreaming about how cool life would be once I were just a little bit older. Ha.

Tonight I drove past the high school where most of the kids in my grade school (doubt that has a site, but let's check... yes, yes it does) ended up, and I wondered how I would be different if I had gone there. I know for sure that I would be different, but I can't imagine what would be different about me. I guess it doesn't matter; I just think of stuff like that occasionally. Similarly, I wonder how different Greg would be if he'd gone to Archmere.

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August 07, 2000
[greg was here...]

Greg was here this weekend. He met Becca while she was on duty at T.J. Maxx, but we didn't get to hang out with her. Greg is weird about Becca, because of one time when Becca was accidentally receiving emails from "the guys." (The guys, in case you don't know, are about seven to ten guys in Pittsburgh who send numerous daily emails, most of which are non-humorous attempts at humor to curb the boredom of work.) She wrote to Greg to try to get him to take her name off the list so she wouldn't receive any more unwanted emails. Greg was insulted by the tone of her email, and ever since then, he insists that she doesn't like him.

But he met her, and that's something, at least, because he had been resisting my efforts.

He still thinks she doesn't like him, though. Greg is not one to let things go, as I know so very well.

Still, just because he's a weirdo doesn't mean I don't love him. I'm a weirdo, too.

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August 04, 2000
[okay, so you can...]

Okay, so you can tell I didn't put much time into the graphic here. In fact, it might be slightly distracting. But right now, I don't care about graphics! Graphics are for work time! I want to write, and I want it to be easy to upload the writing. The other new dorkist just doesn't make it easy to do that. Too much formatting.

Chris lambasted me today for posting dorkist before I had completed the design. The whole point was to get feedback, but I guess no one really cared either way. So... so you're just gonna get this, until I get off my buttocks and make something supercool [<- flash thing I made at work, kind of dark and unecessary for this sort of site].

So you want a beth update? Things are going well, I suppose. Work had been slow the past couple of weeks, but now we're starting to get more calls. That = more fun design projects, I hope.

I am still materialistic and I still want lots of things. I ordered a very expensive couch (expensive for a young lass like me, anyway), which I would show you if Ikea's web site (no linky, you can figure it out) wasn't so lame. Really, they ought to let you order things, and they ought to show more of their catalog. I am not cool with the not ordering.

Then again, I have ordered enough. My paycheck ought just to go directly to Ikea for the next few months.

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