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July 23, 2000
[does the lack of response...]

Does lack of response about dorkist's new appearance mean you don't like it? Are you all just not saying anything at all because you can't say anything nice? Really, my feelings won't be hurt no matter what. Do you all just not care? That's probably what it is. But I want your visit to be a pleasant experience. I want you to keep coming back. How can I make that happen?

I came home from a weekend at Greg's house today to find that one of the lighting fixtures on my bedroom ceiling had decided to commit suicide over the weekend. But it didn't quite finish the job. It's dangling, still attached to its lighting fixture buddy (they're flourescent office-type lights encased in plastic covers). Apparently the wood had rotted on the ceiling. That or the elderly women who live above me had some kind of kickin' party/sleepover. So I guess I'm not sleeping in my bed tonight, but rather on the futon, which is in the living room.

At least I wasn't here when it happened, I would have been quite disturbed.

Fun fact: When one Siamese twin dies, the other will die within minutes.

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July 19, 2000
[well, none of the links...]

Well, none of the links in the top left there work yet. I just felt like I needed to write, so I'm writing. And I wanted anyone who does visit dorkist to get to read my new thoughts. So here you go. I don't know if this design is going to stay, but if it does, I'll obviously have to make those links work. All the links next to the green dates do work, though the first one isn't a link. Yes, things are still very kinky. Woo, kinky. So please, tell me what you think about the new but not necessarily improved dorkist.

I moved into my new apt last weekend. I think I'm gonna like it here (Little Orphan Annie-style). There are still so many things to do, and I've spent more money in one week than I ever have before, but I have a job now, so I can manage it.

Yes, after seven months, I actually got a job. If I could score one with my film degree, anyone can. I'm a paid web designer now. It's sort of weird, and I feel a little unworthy, but I'm having fun and learning a lot. I sound like a girl scout or something. "I had lots of fun and learned a whole lot at summer camp." I don't know, do people learn things at summer camp? I only ever went to day camp.

Now I'm frustrated, because I'd had so much to say, but there's really no good place to start. I have to get back into the swing of things. Well, time to take down a terribly ugly curtain in my "new" bathroom.

File under DAILY. Posted at 12:00 AM