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August 26, 2001
[someone must have some...]

Someone must have some suspicions about me, because this arrived in my inbox tonight, addressed specifically to me (not that I think I'm the only one to receive it, of course). Anyhow, this is the strangest spam ever to cross my virtual path. I cannot tell whether it is a joke. But if it isn't, I don't think he's the only one who would like to travel back in time, rewind his life, de-age, yet retain current knowledge. If anyone actually could do this, I think the news would be out.

If you are an alien disguised as human and or have the technology to travel physically through time I need your help!

My life has been severely tampered with and cursed by a very evil women [sic] of my past.

I need to be able to:

Travel physically back in time.

Rewind my life including my age.

Be able to remember what I know now so that I can prevent my life from being tampered with again after I go back.

I am in great danger and need this immediately! Only if you are an alien or have this technology please send me a separate email to: (a different address from the sender's)


In more relevant (I guess) news, I am working on the travel journal, enjoying myself way more as I put it together than anyone will when they read it. But that is how it should be. Hopefully I will finish the journal this week, but it won't truly be complete until Chris gets his photos developed.

Also (I am list-crazy lately, huh):

  • Mom got a new Ford Explorer. It's red, big and ugly. I wanted her to get a Nissan.

  • I went rock climbing today in an indoor rock gym. Being "extreme" like this is very atypical for me. I was not good at it, but I will definitely go again. I also will post pictures, once they've been developed.

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August 21, 2001
[finally dropped off denmark photos...]
  • Finally dropped off Denmark photos. I chose the option that gives me a CD of them, so I will be paying big $$ for the photos, but it hopefully will mean that I don't have to scan anything. Hopefully. I am new to the CD photo option. I just know that it costs $6 on top of the normal cost. I wish my CD-rom drive worked. Currently have Mayo Thompson CD stuck somewhere inside my computer. CD-rom drive ate it. I can't find it, but I know it's there.

  • Met new neighbor. First saw new neighbor through his window as I was pulling into parking lot after work. He was shirtless, thinking himself unseen, and spying on me, his new neighbor, as I got out of my car. Then I met him, because there are only 2 mailboxes outside our building for 4 apartments, and I am getting everyone's mail but that of the old ladies. New neighbor seems like an uptight bohemian. He has affectations. I have met people like him before, but I can't recall whom. He is living with a woman who drives a large ugly sedan. Knowing Greg (and therefore starting to think about cars) has given me yet another way in which to judge people without knowing them.

  • Speaking of cars, I am really into the World Rally right now. Every couple of weeks on Speedvision, there are world rally races across some beautiful, cliff-heavy places in Europe, Africa, and other countries that are not America. World rally is a unique sport, in that much of it is about the racer trying to find the balance between pushing the car hard enough to be faster than everyone else in the race and not pushing it so hard that it breaks. While the drivers compete against each other, they are not racing with each other as on a track. Many times, the cars break. Tires fall off, suspensions give out, and engines catch fire. Drivers cuss. Later, they try to hide their frustration as they describe (often in sketchy English) what happened to their poor, beaten cars.

    Also, when a car goes off the course (e.g., is hanging partially from a slope), drunk spectators are expected to help the rally driver get the car back on track. In no other sport does the audience have the potential to influence the outcome so drastically. Plus, the whole broadcast is narrated by an unseen British man fond of understatement yet very much passionate about the whole thing. It all adds up to good television.

  • Dreamt the other night that I was hanging out with Britney Spears, trying on accessories like bracelets and necklaces. Then she had to go. She was driving a big 18-wheeler. I told her she was going to get into an accident, but she didn't listen. She crashed into a brick wall and died.

  • Registered for an oil painting class, but might end up taking film history class instead. Part of me wants to take oil painting more. But Dad would be taking the film course with me, and it is cool to be able to do that with him.

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August 15, 2001
[i thought of something...]

I thought of something that's been lacking from my summer: a decent trip to the beach. I have been to the decadent land of Atlantic City twice this year, but my feet only have touched sand once, I think. It's not like I'm really into the beach anyway, but something will just not feel right if I do not spend some time frolicking in the sand/ocean. I mean, I think that's the problem. I don't know. As usual, something just seems to be missing.


beach blanket beth, circa 1998(?)

Anyway, I am hoping to go to the beach with my friends next weekend. Maybe it will be a salve.

So what's up with that pic, you ask? How can anyone possibly be so glamorous, right? It is from the very first Annual Day at the Beach with aforementioned friends. I talk more about it here. The linked page is probably one of the most viewed pages on this site, because it mentions the the words "bikini" and "supermodel" and even "nipple." In case you don't read that entry, or even if you do, let me warn you again: do not wear a cheap tanktop made of stiff cotton into the ocean without some kind of protective underthing on. The results may be unsavory.

Also, I've been meaning to say that I am disturbed by the searches that bring visitors here. Underage porn seems to be very popular. It makes me ill. I don't put these search terms on the searches page because they're dull. Nothing's clever or surprising or strange about "13 year old porn." Just wrong. I guess I'm glad I can be a temporary foil to some, though.

Lots of things are going on right now, and I am having some trouble keeping up with all of them. I registered a new domain for purely professional purposes, and I am working on the design for that. It will be a good thing to have, I think. There also are like three other outside web projects to do for family and friends. And then there's the Denmark journal project, which is important to finish for personal reasons.

Ultimately, the computer will kill me; I know I am being poisoned slowly by this mean yet irresistable machine.

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August 08, 2001
[well, i'm back from abroad...]

Well, I'm back from abroad, from Denmark, a new sticker on my metaphorical suitcase. And I'm tired. But I'm happy. On the flight back, I thought about everything I've done this summer--which generally, hasn't been much--and I felt fulfilled. I was sort of afraid that I would die in a plane crash or other vacation tragedy, because immediately prior to the trip I was able to spend time with almost everyone close to me (except for friends, unfortunately. I don't see enough of friends lately). I played hookie to spend a nice, smoldering day at a baseball game with Dad. I enjoyed an evening shopping with Mom. I went to a lovely wedding with coworkers. I thought, in typical "the sun revolves around me" fashion, that maybe these things were taking place because it would be the last time they could.

Anyway, after I recover from jet lag and minor leg injuries (incurred, I suppose, from copious amounts of walking?), I think I will feel especially vibrant.

Except that things at work are very, very bad right now. Not for me particularly, but for everyone. Morale has certainly been better. Just before I left for the trip, I was shaken out of the complacency of my current life status. All my worries were made petty, and newer, larger worries took their place.

But I will think about those things tomorrow. Today, some unpacking, some cleaning, some evening romance. If I can stay awake for it all.

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