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January 07, 2007
new year, new style

Hi. I am going to try to make a 2006 Year In Review presentation, for real, because I have some good photos that never made it to the site. December in particular was a strong month for pictures, as it featured a trip to an abandoned grave site where one of Andy's relatives is buried and a karaoke adventure in Queens with a group of Koreans. I know I told you last year that I was going to make a 2005 Review, but I was kind of in a perpetual bad mood for the first quarter of 2006. And 2005 hadn't been that fun, so the prospect of reviewing it was unappealing. Then I quit my job and felt much better.

I just want you to know, though, that I probably won't get to make this exciting treat for you until February, because this month I am writing. Writing a teen novel. As part of a writing exercise that Andy and Adam and I are all doing together. Sentences structured like the ones in this paragraph can be found in my novel.

It's not the novel I want to write, but it's a novel I AM writing, and writing something that isn't good is incredibly freeing. I usually second guess and thus reject all of my ideas, which leads to not writing at all. This project -- essentially our own private NaNoWriMo (which Andy's mom successfully completed last November) -- doesn't allow for any second guesses. It's all about putting words -- any words, but 50,000 of them -- into a document. So I'm just getting it done. The product is turning out, unsurprisingly, to be very autobiographical, extremely boring, and pretty sloppy. Anyway, I'm hoping it will lead me to a future of more and better writing.

Also, my resolutions for 2007 are:
1. Wear more dresses
2. Go to more parties

So please invite me to some parties where dresses are required. Maybe a fancy luncheon or "garden party." Or a cocktail party.

You know what I hate? When magazines assume I have a super-busy life filled with cocktail parties. I think magazines want to make me feel bad if I'm not going to a cocktail party at least every other night. Guys, I have a confession: I don't think I've ever been to a cocktail party. I also was sort of disgusted by the recent piece in the New York Times about all of the famous-ish creative industry people who network over breakfast at restaurants in SoHo or wherever. Because I'm envious, I guess, that I don't get to spend two hours chatting every morning over breakfast in a restaurant with cool-looking Italian soccer players and then decide to put a Fiat tie-in in my next movie, because I'm not important enough to have an article written about where I eat, and because I'm not wealthy. After my novel gets published I won't have to feel this way anymore, thank goodness!

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